What is a Reading?

A reading or as is sometimes called a message is the communication of a spirit energy with the medium.

This can be thought of as a form of telepathy where the spirit sends information to the medium, this information can be in the form of a picture a sound a feeling a smell or a combination of all.

To interperate what is being sent the medium must first receive the information then put it into words.


The main problem is that what seems clear to you (the spirit) can mean a totally different thing to the medium or the sitter. And everyone’s memory of a event will be different or even trying to describe yourself to another will be different to how they would describe you.

This is where it is better to go to a medium who is Clairvoyant (sees spirit ) Clairaudient (hears Spirit) Clairsentient (feels spirit), not all mediums can receive all 3,

The most common is clairvoyants who can receive images of “things” from their spirit guide and will need to interperate what the image means to them, this is where there can be room for error as it is always open to interpretation by the medium.

Clairaudient mediums would seem to have the easier time but this is not always so, as the sender of the message does not always know what has been recognized and what to send is not as easy as it sounds as anyone who has tried to give directions to a driver will testify, (there is a limit to what can be communicated in one go much like a text message).

Some mediums are just Clairsentient and although this may seem the poor choice it is the one thing that all mediums need as without it there will be no feeling to the message and without feeling the message can be bland and without any real substance.

Obviously a combination of all 3 will provide the best evidence of survival and a clear personal message.

What is The Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?

The difference between a psychic and a Medium is simply --- a medium communicates with “Dead people” and also spirit guides who are normally souls who have evolved to a more advanced state of being,

In a mediumistic message the medium will attempt to identify the communicator who should be able to be recognized to the sitter either by their description, name, or memories of past events.

Sometimes the best evidence of spirit comes when the sitter goes home and relays what was said to perhaps their parents or grandparents and they then find out about a relative they did not know existed, this will rule out the theory that mediums are just reading the sitters mind.

The spirit will normally have some message of love or guidance to help the sitter especially if the sitter is grieving over a lost one.

A psychic is someone who can read people (not spirits) when you receive a psychic message it will normally be about you or people around you at this time it can contain quite detailed information about your life and future, there can be names, descriptions of places and events and you should be able to place most of the information given, one difference between the information obtained psychically and information obtained from the spirit world will be it wont come with emotion the information will be factual and may even refer to spirit people but without the emotion that accompanies a true spirit communication,

These messages are often just as important as a spirit message for they can be like a session on a therapists couch, in the way they can enlighten you as to where you are going wrong and where you can improve your life, information about possible outcomes to situations can help us avoid the ones we have learned to avoid.

Can The Spirit World See The Future and if So Why Do They Not Help Loved Ones Avoid Accidents illness Etc?

This is a common question and to answer this you need to take into account the big picture, when everyone decides to come to the earth plane you will already know what experiences and lessons you want to learn,

I compare this to when a student looks at a college prospectus, in that there will be a list of things that will be taught during there time at the college, and as everyone knows what you are taught will be different to each person and some will not pass first time, the same can be said for our time on the earth as we go through experiences in our lifes we can learn from them which in turn helps us evolve into a stronger more evolved soul, the more you go through the more you learn so sometimes the experiences can seem harsh or cruel but you need to look at the bigger picture and what may seem a long time here is just a blink of the eye in the bigger picture, with the long term view the same as a student who spends months swotting for their exams to help them in later life

This analogy will also explain why the spirit world and out guides “allow” situations to happen, for if that particular lesson was missed when you return to the spirit world you would have the right to complain that you had not had the full experience on earth you had signed up for.

This does not mean that spirit cannot help you far from it their help is designed to be like a teacher helping a student, you would not learn anything if spirit told you all the answers or helped you avoid any so called bad experiences but you will always need and benefit from the guidance and encouragement provided.

I like to compare the people who seem to be going through all kinds of terrible situations as the ones who are on the advanced intensive life course and will end up more evolved at the end.

How can I get a message from a recently deceased loved one?

A lot of people are searching for evidence that their loved one who has passed into the spirit world is “ok” and will sometimes go to several mediums or spiritualist churches to try to bring a communication through from the deceased one, and may not have had any real success in contacting a particular person.

 You might think that the first thing you would want to do when you die is to let your loved ones know that you (have arrived safely), and although this is probably true for most people sometimes the spirit world can have their reasons for not communicating at the present time.

One reason for this can simply be that their loved one is “not available at the present time” or they may not have mastered the ability to make themselves known to the medium or the mediums guide, or they may have other reasons for not wanting to come through at this time which may only become apparent later,

Or the most common reason is they are simply not on the same “wavelength” as the medium.

 This is not to say that anyone is above or below each other but it is just different thought patterns.

You don’t expect to be able to have a intimate conversation with everyone you meet on the street corner so don’t expect to receive a deep personal communication from every medium you visit, and just because the medium is famous does not mean they are right for you.

One of the best words of advice given to me was “would you feel comfortable revealing personal details to the medium and would your loved one feel comfortable also”,

For only when this is all true and the time is right will there be a sitting that will not only give you brilliant evidence of survival but it can feel as though your loved ones have been right there in the room talking to you.

Communication with the spirit world can be likened to tuning your radio set,

All the radio stations in your area are broadcasting on their own frequency and it is up to your radio set to separate out the different stations, Some will be stronger than others and easier to tune into and some will be too distant to get good reception.

You will also tend to find also that the stronger the personality of the deceased one is the easier it is for them to communicate, As on the earth plane in a group of people the stronger personalities will be heard more than the quiet ones.