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Do You Do Readings For More Than One At A Time

This is effectively a séance and something that may happen in the future but at the moment no

More Assorted FAQ ???

Can I Record My Reading Myself.

Yes of course you can do your own recording.

Please Note:- All readings are confidential and subject to copyright laws and may not be published in any form including online or public broadcasting without prior written consent.

My CD is not working in my CD Player

CD recordings are not now sent out.

Old CD will deteriorate after a while please backup to another source or try another Cd player

I Am Having Problems Paying Online

Some people trying to pay online with older mobile phones have experienced problems paying, this is due to technical issues and you will need to use a different computer.

You CAN pay using any card without a PayPal account just select this option at the PayPal checkout

We do accept cheques as payment but please allow time for this to clear.

Do You Do Readings For More Than One At A Time

This is effectively a séance and something that may happen in the future but at the moment no

What Is The Age Limit For A Sitter

I do insist you be over 18 years old to have a private reading.

How Do I Get A Zoom or Skype Reading?

Skype Instructions

If you are non UK sitter you must have a Skype or Zoom account and good internet connection to receive a reading.

You will receive a request for your Skype user name from Carrie shortly after booking and Carrie will link to you (Skype Message) when she adds you to her contacts in readiness for your reading. It is important you confirm contact details by connecting to Carrie ASAP

Carrie will call you on Skype at the arraigned time please ensure you have a strong internet signal otherwise the connection will fail and the reading may not be able go ahead.

If you have never used Skype or Zoom before please download the Skype app and register ASAP and we recommend you do a test call to “Skype Echo Test ” or a friend to check your connection before your reading day.

The Zoom App is now the preferred method for the reading, 

Carrie will send you her private Zoom ID link after payment is received.

Test your Zoom app by clicking this test link... You will be the only one there


Privacy Policy in short.

You must agree to supply your name and address etc in order to book a reading and enable any CDs to be posted out and your Email/Phone number for appointment purposes.

This information is only used by (Diamond Moon..Carrie) for appointment, accounting and marketing purposes and is never passed on to any other persons (Your privacy is very important to us) We may occasional contact you by email to let you know of any events or special offers, You can at any time stop these emails.

You have the right to request any information held by us is deleted (confirmation of Identity may be required) By emailing

Please note we do not have access to your banking or card details used to purchase via PayPal.

All voice recordings are routinely deleted once it is clear they have been received successfully.

Zoom Group

Recordings will remain the copyright of diamond moon and are excluded from personal delete requests, (delete requests from members will still be considered on a individual basis.) Normal Facebook privacy rules apply.

You have the right to request any personal information held by us is deleted. Please email request (see above)

Spiritual Seekers Group.

This Facebook group is run under the Facebook privacy rules and no other details are collected or kept by Diamond Moon.

Personal delete requests need to be made to Facebook.

Copyright and Use Statement

Reasonable efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of information presented on the web site, but the accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed. The Content, and any and all services or products promoted via the web site are provided on an “as is” basis. The use of the web site, the Content and any product or service discussed or promoted via the web site is at your sole risk.

You agree to use the web site for lawful purposes only. The Content is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws under both United Kingdom and foreign laws, and contains trademarks and other proprietary information. Title to the Content remains with Diamond Moon. Any use of the Content not expressly permitted by these Terms of Use is a breach of these Terms of Use and may violate copyright, trademark, and other laws. Content and features are subject to change or termination without notice by Diamond Moon

You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading copyrighted material. You may not modify, publish, transmit, display, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit, any of the Content, in whole or in part.


Legal Small Print For All Sitters


With Regard to the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2007 That implements the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.

In order to comply with these regulations your attention is drawn to the following conditions:

ALL PERSONS receiving a private reading where there is a charge, must fully recognise and accept that any Demonstration of Psychic Ability/Mediumship, is being undertaken only as a form of experimentation for entertainment purposes only and any payments made are for the mediums time and not for perceived results.

Any advice or suggestions given from whatever source are to be regarded as suggestions only, and any following actions are at the sitters own discretion and risk. Results cannot be guaranteed, but will be truthfully and fully explained before any fee is accepted,

Any complaints about a reading must be made during a reading or immediately after.

It is not possible to expand on or explain further, or answer questions with regard to the contents of a reading, at a later date.

A booking can be postponed or cancelled by the medium at any point, and if appropriate a new appointment will be made as soon as possible, If you do not want to re-book a sitting any payments made to Carrie in will be returned (Minus PayPal Fees).

If a sitter is late, cancels, or misses an arraigned booking, it is at the mediums discretion whether or not to go ahead or arrange an alternative appointment or go ahead with a "blind recording" where you will receive a recorded session as a alternative to a "Live" session this is a alternative to a re-booking or refund.

Please note you may be charged  up to 100% of the fee for missed appointments or last minute cancellations. re-booking will usually require a new payment up front

Readings are strictly private and confidential to the intended recipient and any recorded information can only be sent directly to the sitter who must have given verbal or written consent for the recording to be sent to them.

Phone/Skype or face to face sittings may be recorded for security purposes. You are welcome to record your own sitting but any public broadcasting or online publishing of recordings is forbidden and is subject to normal copyright rules without prior written permission.

It is the sitters responsibility to ensure a good internet connection for a Skype/Zoom session as connection problems due to poor signal or bad reception will affect the flow of the sitting and will reduce the time spent on the sitting or cause the sitting to be abandoned or recorded (Blind) with no refund of the fee.

If requested a non returnable booking fee may be charged and recharged for any booking alterations requested to the agreed appointment made.

All appointments are made on the understanding that any quoted times are UK time and any errors applying your local time is your responsibility.