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Carrie is amazing....have seen and had many many readings with many mediums over the years, but Carrie is amazing....could`nt believe that someone could pick so much up in a telephone reading.....names of x husbands, children, house names....previous careers, even telling me I would move and not too far away, and be able to see my old house from where I was moving to.....and (I built a timber build in my field next to my house, and can see my old house from where it is!!!All my children also have had accurate readings with Carrie. she is very caring and very professional, and so would very much recommend Carrie if you need any sort of guidance. ......x

Jane H

July 2019

Jenny S
July 2019

Just to say to you all. Carrie is a life saver, in more ways than one. I suffer horribly from anxiety, depression and secondary PTSD. She has a way of making a soul feel incredibly safe. I cannot say enough that if you are feeling those nightmare 'loony toons' (as I call them, lol!) then a reading from her is honestly one of the best things you can do for yourself. She knows exactly how to help you take charge of this awful state of mind. Even if she has 'bad' news for you, she will always offer solutions how to deal with it so you can push through.

I was amazed as soon as I walked through the door, you made me feel very at ease and I was amazed by the things you picked yup about me ....particularly the KNITTING!! I'm still chuckling about that one!! You names several members of my loved ones and were spot on. I will definitely be coming back to see you :)

You have an amazing and accurate skill, thank you so much

Teresa xxx

The reading Carrie gave me was amazing. I have been having readings for over 20 years with different mediums/clairvoyants. However Carrie’s was one of the best I have ever had. She quickly validated the current circumstances in my life which were accurate and consistent with what was happening. As always I gain wisdom from Spirit to help me through challenging times. The information that Carrie gave me helped me to appreciate my current situation and gave me trust in the future. She also gave me lots of  nuggets of useful information which some came true, just two weeks later. I would highly recommend having a reading with Carrie. Often it is just validation of what is happening which gives you trust that there is more to this life than many think. Be open to the messages, and be open to the fact that we are guided by an energy that we can’t see. I look forward to the tall dark handsome entrepreneur who I live in california with!

For those interested in having a psychic reading done, I can’t recommend Carrie enough. A good friend of mine and an absolutely brilliant Medium, she is very warm and caring and her readings are highly accurate and on point. You’ll be amazed at how good and genuine she really is, so head on over to her website: and book now


July 2019

11 November 2016 · Midway, NM, United States

Hello Enlightened Ones! A couple of months ago I had the amazing experience of a reading from Carrie. Since that time something has shifted. I am different. I feel huge waves of well being. My coping skills are changed. My wobbles are short lasting, this week being a perfect example and Carrie knows exactly what that wobble was cause it wobbled most of the world. The veil is so much thinner and I am surrounded by loved ones who have transitioned and I am getting messages. I attribute this to Carrie and her sweet gift! She makes me strive to be a better person. She connected me with my angels and one of my guides. I now have a personal relationship with them. Thank you Carrie!! So very much!! xxx

Nancy Melton-Morales 

Carrie Psychic Medium

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Meeting Carrie was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I have never had any sort of reading done before but when Carrie communicated with my dear mam in the spirit world it truly took my breath away. Knowing things that only my mam knew. I feel much better after this and can move on a little in my life now.
Thank you so so much.
Highly recommended

Louise.. July 2016