About Me

Carrie Medium
As a small child I “saw” Spirit in form as my dead Grandmother, I did not feel afraid,

I was 5 years old and already my Mother thought I was odd. —I always felt a sort of knowing sometimes familiar in places I have never been to. I didn’t understand but it did feel right.

My mother concerned asked a priest to visit our house to “see” me as I was un-inhibited about “dead” talking to me from relatives. Animals and imaginary friends---and as he entered our hallway the ceiling collapsed on him , not my doing(  but a slow leaking pipe in the bathroom floor) but he remains in my mind telling my Mother, I was wicked and must be sent to church and Sunday school and benediction and he must know that a place in the front row would be reserved for me!

This was not a punishment for I loved the church with its incense smell, music, statues and candles. So I began to keep quiet and played the game, I became shy and introverted and talked to my angel whom I knew would be ok because the church was full of paintings and statues of them..

Over 22 years ago I found myself more and more drawn and wanted to learn more—and this is the point in my life that at Stansted hall in Essex –who trained Mediums and studied psychic energies, trance and clairvoyance and oh so much more. It is called Arthur Findlay College  

It was my first visit there—my then partner Colin had been there lots of times and had studied hypnotherapy there—I went reluctantly only because I was afraid of the unknown –it was wonderful, the Hall was more than I could have wished, people asked questions that tutors and mediums answered—this was the first place someone called me a “medium”—I found my comfort zone on platform, knew what my aura was and how I could extend it—in fact a name for everything I had been doing quite naturally all my life—and what’s more they thought the ability should be celebrated not talked about in hushed tones

It was step further into my journey of exploration of Spirit, my education and my pathway to encounter those of like mind.

Laughter, friendship, love excitement, peace, emotions running free and music in its many forms for upliftment, mediation and joy..

I read with integrity and I work with the Universal Law of Attraction Love and Energy—I use tarot, crystal ball, psychometry Aura, Pendulum or a photo—in fact I can even if the sitter wishes it use none of these and just use the energy around them

I gave thanks to the Universe---yes as I do not once but many many times during the day---if there is a universal “thank you bank” then my account is like me now--- very healthy.

I am not religious but think of myself as Spiritual, I read for all types of people all around the globe Via Skype and Zoom and in the UK on the telephone and in person face to face.

I also run my own mediumship school online Via the Zoom App. (See The Training Page)

I facilitate and appear at training seminars (details of any current ones on this website)


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