Welcome to Carrie's Mediumship Training Group

This is a PRIVATE (Facebook and Video Conference Based) group for everyone who wants to expand, develop, and grow their Mediumship in all its many forms.

Members have nicknamed this group as "The Zoomers" after the Zoom App we use for our weekly online meetings

A Few Words From Carrie About The Group

I am excited to now be able to offer Diamond Moon Facebook "Private" VIP group training.

In this totally private group you will learn to develop your psychic and mediumship skills and how to use these skills in everyday life and work, develop your "Inner voice" and intuition.

Learn to work with Pendulums, Tarot, and other ways to "tune" into your inner voice and Spirit Guides.

In this group you will have private access to other group members who can help and support you on your journey, and a weekly group Video Conference session with Carrie and other select group members.

In this group you will have the opportunity to talk about and review your progress with Carrie and ask Carrie and also her spirit helpers questions about your progress.

Also once you have enrolled on the course you will get access to free facebook group where questions and answers about the subjects covered on the course are discussed (we will try to answer your questions within 24 Hrs).

This Training and Development Group is on a Monday evening at 7.00 UK time each week.

If you find you can't attend a session no problem we will see you next week.

Each session will be via a Zoom conference call where members (and there will always be less than 20 members) are invited to take part to listen and learn to develop and try out various mediumship techniques in this new online way.

We will be covering all aspects of Psychic ability's, Mediumship, and Spiritual Healing.


Think of this as a "Development Circle" with Carrie where distance is no issue.

We have regular members from all around the world USA Australia and Scotland.


In this internet age we can all meet without the travel problems, where you can be comfortable in your own home and where if you want you can “pair” up with a "Spiritual Partner" to try out what you have learned at your own convenience in-between our weekly sessions.

We can't do the cup of tea but we can do the chat and in this PRIVATE group everything is kept totally private to the group members, so you can discuss any questions or concerns about mediumship you may have.


This is a unique different and VERY personal group as the training is from me LIVE.. NOT pre recorded, Although we normally record each Monday live session for group members who miss the group, to catch up on what is happening, please note this recording is not guaranteed.

Carrie will email you the Paypal link to enroll you in the subscription to the

Diamond Moon Zoom group.

You will be paying a monthly fee of £10.00 to be a group member.

There is no long term commitment, You can leave at any time

ALSO Please Send a Facebook Friends Request to Carrie's Diamond Moon VIP Mediumship Group ASAP After Paying If You Have Not Already Done So.

(Link to Zoom group Facebook page is below)

Once You Have Joined our Mediumship Group You need to set up the Zoom App on your computer or device to take part.
We recommend you use a large screen device like a laptop so you can see all the other group members on screen together.
When using a phone or small screen you will need to swipe to see members.
The session ID link and password to join the training discussion will be sent via email or posted on the groups private Facebook page.
The group meeting is every Monday 7.00pm prompt UK time.

Carrie will email you the Paypal link to enroll you in the Zoomers mediumship training club

£10.00 monthly recurring payment

Instructions How To Zoom With Carrie


You need to install the Zoom App on your phone/pad

Please click the link below and install only from either Google Play or Apple Store accepting all the prompts.

Once Zoom is installed on your phone either enter Carrie's room number she gave you or return here and click the green Zoom Login button below to access the room.

Phones/Pads Click Here


To download/install on a PC click here

Download is normally automatic just install as normal accepting all prompts for sound and video.

Use Carrie's room number she gave you, or return here and click the green Zoom login button below to access the room

Below is the Zoom Test link you can try/click this when you set up your Zoom App to check all is ok with your computer vision and sound.
https://zoom.us/test You will be the only one there

For Email Questions click the Email Link Below or email admin@diamondmoon.co.uk

Small Print

Group meetings and all group content is totally private and copyright to Carrie and may not be shared to anyone outside the group without written permission from Carrie.

Anything that can be shared publicly will be done with Carrie's prior consent.

You must ensure any group facebook content on your own devices is kept private and not discus or reveal anything to non group members, this is to ensure everyone's privacy is kept.

To cancel your group membership please email us with your  request including your full name and we will cancel the future Paypal payments, Please note if payment is due in the next 2 days this may not be able to be cancelled this month.

Once you are no longer a group member there will be no historic access to group members and material.

Carrie reserves the right to remove anyone from the group at any time without giving notice and any refunds due will be at her discretion.