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At Diamond Moon Psychic Development, I do everything I can to make sure my clients are satisfied with the information given. Since going full time, I’ve provided tailored consultations to clients from all over the world. I’ve guided them through some of their most crucial decisions and supported them throughout the entire process. Check out what my satisfied clients have to say on my feedback page or on my Facebook page, and get in touch today.

Coronavirus Update

Please note I will only be doing Phone Skype or Zoom readings (No face to face) for the moment I will revise the situation at the end of April.

Please understand this is to ensure everyone's safety

Be assured you will still receive all the same information from spirit as you would if you were sitting next to me,

Distance is no problem for spirit.

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What Is In A Reading

A reading with Carrie is usually a combination of psychic information and spirit communication, this can be recollections and memories of past events, either yours or from the Spirits own memory's, and may include descriptions of loved ones “Dead or Living” Information about situations around you from the past or present, and possible future events, if you have any particular questions about a how a reading works please ask while you are having the sitting or in a email prior.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

The difference between a psychic and a Medium is simply --- a medium communicates with “Dead people” and also spirit guides who are normally souls who have evolved to a more advanced state of being,

In a mediumistic message the medium will attempt to identify the communicator who should be able to be recognised to the sitter either by their description, name, or memories of past events.

Sometimes the best evidence of spirit comes when the sitter goes home and relays what was said to perhaps their parents or grandparents and

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Can I Get a Message From A Recently Deceased Loved One?

A lot of people are searching for evidence that their loved one who has passed into the spirit world is “OK” and will sometimes go to several mediums or spiritualist churches to try to bring a communication through from the deceased one, and may not have had any real success in contacting a particular person.

You might think that the first thing you would want to do when you die is to let your loved ones know that you (have arrived safely)

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