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Email Me at

Or Text me on "0795 0974874"

As I am often unable to answer the phone, A short Text or email is the easiest method (please state if Phone Skype or Face to Face sitting is wanted.)
I will contact you back as soon as possible.

(Please be aware there is at present a several week waiting list) 
Please let me know if you are normally available at short notice, I may be able to fit you in sooner, -- (Cancellations or Change of date readings)

Payment can be made online by Credit/Debit Cards, PayPal,

If You Want To Be Happy In This Life?

Begin By Recalling All The Past Experiences You Have Been Through And Remember Without These Good And Bad Experiences You Would Only Have the Intelligence and Capabilities of a New Born Baby,

Learn from the bad as well as the good for without the negative experiences you wont know what is truly good.